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A Private Committee Of Equity Partners


January 14, 2021 - For almost the entire time we’ve been Square Partners we’ve always thought it would be amazing if a big group of us worked together to help advance each other. And, about a year ago a lot of our smartest and biggest clients started telling us that it was something they thought we should do because they needed and wanted it.

So, we started connecting various clients for all kinds of different things - to split costs for a new feature, to ask others about various POS equipment or printers they might use, etc. Anyway, it’s been happening more and more - and with all the horribly average products other tech companies are putting out - and charging so much for - we thought it was about time we did this formally and organized.

By the way, Square has over 2M+ businesses who use them and they’ve often referred to us as their most advanced tech partner in the world (even though we're just a 7 person, Chicago-based company) - so that means with your help, our collective promoting and networking power, we should be able to get a large amount of Square’s Customer base using our products, solutions, apps & kiosks - which means there’s a lot of earning potential if we all work together.


• 777 Members split 75% of the Equity of the Company
• We, Pre-Order Apps, will keep 25%
• All our Square-powered tech will flow through Square Wish List (SWL)
• We’ll incorporate SWL as an LLC Partnership
• 10 months of $25 (or $250) makes you fully vested (ie. earned your equity)
• Partners vest a 1/10th portion of their equity each month
• Equity is non-transferrable & non-dilutable
• We disburse revenue share checks/deposits/transfers monthly

The revenue from the $25/mo will be used for:

1. Creating Square-powered Tech & Features each month (that Partners vote on)
2. Installing + integrating features into our Partner’s Apps & Websites
3. Creating a pool of cash + prizes that we can re-distribute back to the group each month
4. Creating a Rewards Fund for an Exclusive Loyalty Network that can sit on top of all our existing Loyalty Programs
5. Making sure we have adequate Tech Support for our Partners


We’ve been making some huge break-throughs with Voice-Activated Technology and AI and have recently created the world’s first fully voice-activated E-Commerce Mobile App, which is our Pre-Order App for Square, ie the one we use to copy & re-brand Apps for Square Clients. So, you’ll get one of those free with your Membership and you’ll also get the Voice-Activated Kiosk we’re finishing up right now, which will also be powered by Square. See VoiceKiosk.com

To see a video on our VoiceTech and learn more, go here: https://getpreorder.com/voice or you can download our Pre-Order Demo App from the App Store, here:

App Store


squaresellersunited@gmail.com - or - 312-857-3511

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