July 27, 2022
Founding Members

Become a Founding Member & Get Paid Monthly

Get paid a percentage of monthly profits for being one of the first SSU Members.

We're building a community of professionals, business owners and businesses who use the famous Square POS or Square Online and want to work together to advance our businesses (or the businesses we help) by creating cutting-edge technology - at affordable prices.

Our founding core has already created about $5M+ of Square-powered technology, such as Pre-Order (Mobile Apps), Voice Menu (Voice-enabled Menus + Voice Ordering) and LuxBrande (Customizable Square Websites/Shops) - to name a few and we've been modifying the rest of our tech to be more SaaS-ready, so that we can offer it to more businesses easier and for one low monthly price.

We know everyone's busy, which is why we came up with this "fractional", community strategy, which means the SSU Community is very passive and won't be a big drain on your time. Think of it as a silent group of partners who make things happen and have their own Think-Tank and seasoned Square DevTeam.

How it works

You'll receive 75% of all the revenue from people + businesses you refer + a percentage of overall Monthly Earnings from non-referral based revenue. Plus, of course, early access to new Square Tech that yourself and other Members vote on.

The idea is - to allow Founding Members to optionally refer others and make the lion's share of that revenue, but to also offer residual earnings even if you don't refer anyone or have simply ran out of people to refer. This keeps it fair for everyone.

We've divided SSU into 2,500,000 Member Shares, of which 900,000 are already accounted for - leaving 1,600,000 remaining. The 1.6M will be awarded to the next wave of Members who sign up according to the following:

  • 10 shares per $1 of Annual Plans purchased 
  • 5 shares per $1 of 12-month Subscription Plans purchased
  • 2 shares per $1 of Pay-as-you-go Plans purchased

Note: Another way of looking at this is $.10/share (for Annual Plans) or .20/share (for Subscription Plans), etc.


If you'd like to speak with one or more of us directly, we'd love to hear from you.

Please feel free to reach out at hello@squaresellersunited.com or give us a call or shoot us a text at 312-857-3511

Thanks and we look forward to meeting and working with some awesome new Square Sellers and Pros.