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Technology Coming Soon...
Square Official Partner

We Get Early Access - A Lot

As a respected technology partner of Square we often get early access to new APIs, etc. so we’re always working on cool, new features.

Gift Cards & E-Giftcards

We’re about 90% done with a Gift Card and E-Giftcard Plugin for WooCommerce (for Wordpress) and also a stand-alone version in PHP+HTML that can be added to pretty much any website. We, of course, are trying to add all the little things our business owner clients and partners are telling us. Like the ability to apply a partial balance, then pay the remainder with credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, E-Wallet, etc.

Custom, Open-Source Square Website

We are also 90% done with what will be the the first open-source, custom Square website (built right on Square’s APIs). We thought it was something that was really needed because so many businesses have super unique needs these days that to have an open-source website will allow businesses to get it tweaked and modified to fit their needs super quick.


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