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Pre-Launch: We’re currently in a ramp up phase and will go live with the actual SSU service (ie automated installs & scheduled installs by our team) once we reach 1.5M shares reserved.

SSU is divided into 2,500,000 shares*. 900k are currently reserved, leaving 1.6M available for every new Member who signs up based on the following distribution:
• 10 shares per $1 of Annual Plans purchased
• 5 shares per $1 of 12-month Subscription Plans purchased
• 2 shares per $1 of Pay-as-you-go Plans purchased
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Pro Plan
Pro Plan - $25/mo. for 12 mo.
Amount: $25.00 every month

If you’d like to pay via another method such as Paypal, Venmo, Square, Cash App, Digital/Physical Invoice, Check, etc. please contact us at payments@squaresellersunited.com

Because SSU is a subscription-based service, we do not over refunds on current month periods. However, you can receive a full refund of any remaining months.

During this time, we are honoring full refunds if you change your mind and don’t want to be an SSU Premium Member.

The use of the term shares anywhere through squaresellersunited.com does not reflect a financial instrument, but merely a representation of a member share, which simply indicates the percentage of monthly profits a Founding Member is entitled to. In addition, shares do not reflect equity, but merely an amount of reserved equity should SSU ever get acquired or sold.
Square Sellers United is PCI-Compliant & uses SSL to protect your payment method(s).

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