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If you own or work at a business that uses the famous payments company Square for your POS, website or payments, then this is a community for you. Our goal is to organize, formalize, work together, crowd-fund the technology we need (instead of always waiting for others to make it) and use our collective voices to create opportunities, economies of scale and other advantages + benefits that help each of our businesses grow and thrive.

Think of us as your own little private Tech Department

Because we’re a Technology Company, we are constantly creating new technology based on Square’s APIs, etc so our primary goal for the SSU is to basically see what features everybody needs and make sure they get made somehow or we’ll make them ourselves.

SSU Free vs SSU Premium Memberships

Once we get about 250 emails (ie. new members), our plan is to quickly turn this into a monthly-based Membership, so that we can continue sharing the tech we make with the businesses that need it (in a more formalized way), but still also generate enough revenue to ensure that we can keep making it for everyone via ThinApp/Pre-Order.

• Weekly Newsletter, re: Square Tech, News, etc.
• Rich Push Notification Urgent Tech Alerts
• Chat Threads with other SSU Members
• Get 15% off our Square-powered Technology + Services via preorderapps.com
• All the features Free Members get, plus
• Vote on which features we make first via Square Wishlist
• Automatically entered into Monthly Cash Giveaways up to $5k
• Get 35% off our Square-powered Technology + Services via preorderapps.com

Become An Owner & Tech Co-Founder

We believe companies like this should exist and be primarily community/member-owned. So, we're offering 75% of the company + monthly profit sharing payouts to the first 2500 SSU Members. And, if we end up selling for what Square usually acquires companies like us for, then each Member would get about $160k.

Square-powered SSU Technology:

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