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January 14, 2021 - If you own a business that uses the famous payments company Square for your POS, website or payments in general, then this is a community for you. We are putting the finishes on a new website community (and possibly a mobile app later) for our Square Seller Members.

Free SSU Membership includes:

• Make + Respond to posts about Square
• Privately discuss needs, tips, strategies, etc.
• Get early bird access to custom Square-powered Technology
• Crowd-Fund various features, apps, scripts, etc. via Square Wish List
• Network with other Business Owners who use Square
• Participate in our own Exclusive, National Loyalty Network
• Organize & formalize requests we can take to Square directly

Become an SSU Partner:

Just $25/mo, which includes the following:

• Get unlimited, exclusive, free access to custom Square-powered Technology
• Vote on which Square-powered features you think the SSU should make each month
• Crowd-Fund private/competitive features, apps, scripts, etc. via Square Wish List VIP
• Win Weekly Cash + POS-related Prizes & Equipment
• Own Equity in Square Wish List + get revenue share checks monthly
Learn more about how the Equity + Revenue Sharing works »

Note: The SSU is organized & managed by THINΛPP / Pre-Order. We’re an official and respected Square Technology Partner (for 3+ years) and “Sellers” ourselves. We also know quite a few people in the Square HQ in San Francisco who have been very helpful, influential and instrumental in helping us get some of our (and our Clients’) needs addressed - and we are often invited & included on many exclusive, early-access programs, which give us exclusive access to brand-new APIs (which are usually super high in demand - like our recent acceptance into a Square ALPHA Gift Card API Program).

We feel that by formalizing a sort of committee like the SSU - we will be able to have that much more collective influence to help get all of our needs met. Add your email below and we'll keep you up to date on when the new website is ready - or if we end up creating a private Facebook Group until then, as well as things like once we reach critical mass as far as amount of members, Zoom-introductory Calls, etc.

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