September 08, 2022
SSU Membership

Membership Plans Overview & Priority

While some SSU Solutions are SaaS-based (meaning you just sign up and a tool, online ordering page or website is automatically installed), other SSU Solutions (like the Mobile Apps for example) require additional manual (ie. human) setup because the overall processes are so complex, so you may be required to pay a one-time setup fee.

To be as fair as possible to all our Members (and be able to provide the very best service) we base priority (for Installs and Support Inquiries/Requests) around Membership Plan seniority (ie. the higher plans get first priority) and then a first-come first-served basis.

Example: 50 Members signup for the Annual Pro Plan. They are Level 1, but within the group, the first member to sign up is Level 1 (#1) and the second member is Level 1 (#2) and so forth.

Membership Type | Priority Level | Setup Fee Rate

  • Partners - Highest Level Priority - Level 0 ($59 setup fees) 
  • Pro Plan Annual Members - Level 1 ($79 setup fees) 
  • Pro Plan Subscription - Level 2 ($109 setup fees) 
  • Pro Plan Pay-as-you-go - Level 3 ($129 setup fees) 
  • Premium Plan Annual Members - Level 4 ($89 setup fees) 
  • Premium Plan Subscription - Level 5 ($119 setup fees) 
  • Premium Plan Pay-as-you-go - Level 6 ($139 setup fees) 
  • Basic Plan Annual Members - Level 7 ($99 setup fees) 
  • Basic Plan Subscription - Level 8 ($129 setup fees) 
  • Basic Plan Pay-as-you-go - Level 9 ($149 setup fees) 
  • Free Membership - Level 10 ($199 setup fees) 

Note: Partners are Members who purchase the Lifetime Membership at a one-time fee of $99 or Members who pay a higher fee for the ultimate level of service and priority.

If you have any questions about our Membership Priority Levels or policies, please feel free to reach out at


SSU Team