Square Sellers United

How It Works

Square Sellers United is an independent online community of businesses, business owners and individuals who use the popular Square POS (re: squareup.com). The organization was founded by a group of individuals who are long-time Square Merchants (ie. Sellers) and seasoned, official Square Technology Partners.

We’ll use voting & numbers to get Square to make features
The SSU platform allows members to vote on which new features, changes, etc. they’d like to see Square make and then as an official Square Partner, the SSU leadership will bring the most voted issues/requests to Square directly, which we already do for our community of Clients anyway.

Or, we’ll make them (features) ourselves
If Square doesn’t act on a particular request or it’s too far out (in their plans), the SSU Development Team will create a code-based solution ourselves using Square’s various APIs, as well as our own existing in-house technology (and solutions). We have the most advanced team of Square API experts in the world (outside of Square) and have over 5 years of experience creating advanced, custom software and solutions that work seamlessly with Square POS.

Crowd-funding Square-tech & Features is a final option
Finally, whichever features SSU does not develop (ie. because it’s not voted on enough) SSU members have the option of using the SSU Member Community to self-fund (or crowd-fund) those particular feature themselves.

(Note: This is something we were doing with Square Clients so regularly, who didn’t want to shoulder the full cost of getting something made themselves, that we knew it would be much more powerful if we had a larger community).

Members who self-fund/crowd-fund a feature (or solution), essentially become the owners of that IP & Technology and SSU will pay them a percentage of revenue based on how many members opt into using that particular feature (or solution).

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