September 15, 2022
Free vs Paid Memberships

What's the difference?


We make certain Square-powered solutions, tools, tech and services free to everybody with just a free SSU Membership (you simply sign up). We offer email based support only (M-F, business hours) with a 24-72 hr window for free Members.


However, "Premium" (ie. Paid Membership Plans) get access to all SSU's Solutions, Tools, Tech and Services. Plus, paid Members also receive different levels of premium support based on their Plan Level, as well as higher priority for Installs (ie. when our DevTeam has to setup your Square-powered Mobile App for example).

In addition, some solutions that require more "human" involved setup may have one-time setup fees - and the higher your plan, the lower your one-time setup fees are. Learn more about Membership Setup Fees »

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at or 312-857-3511


SSU Team