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What is Square Sellers United (SSU)?

- An independent online community and platform that helps organize and empower businesses, business owners and individuals who use the popular Square POS (re: squareup.com).

In addition, the SSU platform allows members to vote on which new features, changes, etc. they’d like to see Square make and then as an official Square Partner, the SSU leadership brings the most voted issues/requests to Square directly.

If Square doesn’t act on a particular request or it’s too far out, the SSU Development Team creates a code-based solution ourselves.

Finally, whatever features SSU does not develop (maybe because it’s not voted on enough) members have the option of using the community to self-fund (or crowd-fund) the feature/solution themselves - using the same Feature Requests section where members vote on features (ie. to accumulate pledges and/or set an optional goal amount).

What kinds of technologies does SSU create?

SSU’s in-house Development Team are seasoned vets in development and among the top Square API Experts in the world. The Dev Team specializes in various code-based technologies, such as (but not limited to) websites, scripts, APIs, templates, SDKs (software development kits), Online SaaS-based Services, Mobile (iOS + Android) App based solutions, Reader SDK based solutions, POS Solutions, Ordering Solutions, etc.

The primary stack is LAMP (Linux - Apache - MySQL - PHP), which is the most popular stack in the world, making everything we create extremely flexible, stable and reliable. In addition, this helps keep development costs down too, thereby maximizing all the Square-powered Solutions the SSU Community + Dev Team can create.

How much does it cost?

- It’s 100% free to join Square Sellers United.

We do offer Premium Memberships for members who want to vote, participate in helping us engage Square to create certain feature requests, as well as help support the creation of feature requests by our own in-house Development Team, etc.
  • Free Membership
  • Basic Membership - $5
  • Premium Membership - $10
  • Pro Membership - $25
In general, each Membership comes with different levels of Customer Service, Support and Technology-access (displayed on each “Solution“ Details page). For example, some Solutions may offer the Basic Plan of that Solution for Basic SSU Members - and higher plans for higher level SSU Members, etc.

Usually the Basic Membership gets you the most entry level version of a technology solution or service, while the higher levels gets you higher/better plans and access to a solution.

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Are there any other hidden costs?

- Nope! However, some solutions like Native Mobile Apps that can be published in both the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store may come with separate setup fees, like $99 for example.

These one-time setup fees generally reflect the nature of a more complex service or solution SSU may offer that has other built-in costs by Apple, Google or some 3rd party that members will be required to cover the cost of.

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